How You Can Help

There must first be an organization.  A few people must undertake to create one.

Any organization needs funding.  For this key meta-organization, what I call the ultimate meta-cause, the development and use of advanced social technology must be made an explicit goal, so that people providing funds will be able to use “the power of the purse” to steer the new organization in the right direction — it would be very tempting to divert funds to other purpose, but this must not happen.  To make sure it doesn’t, people with the ability and commitment to provide oversight must be found.

An important aspect of social technology is the creation and management of tight-knit social networks.  As the number of members of an organization increases, the number of ways in which people can be linked together increases more than exponentially.  It grows in a factorial way, which is makes for a mathematically intractable problem.  All the computing power in the world could not solve such problems exactly, but a careful application of computer power and human input can approximate a solution.

Unlike organizations which form by the haphazard accretion of new members, the network of individuals working towards the ultimate meta-cause must be repeatedly relinked, taking advantage of the compatibilities which new recruits bring to the organization.  This is a task for which some some social technology does exist, though it is not packaged in a very useful way.  Repackaging existing tools and techniques into one useful piece of software is an important task.  For this purpose programmers and analysts will have to be recruited.

Briefly, therefore, you can help if you know how to form an NGO and are willing to do so for this purpose.  Or, you can help on the technical side, creating software packages to help organize the organization.

Please see also the How to Help page on the main Social Technology website.


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