The Ultimate Meta-Cause

illustration with various organizational logosThere should be an organization which would exist solely to help charities and other non-governmental organizations get organized.  Perhaps there is.  If so, it could not be very sophisticated, because the advanced social technology to make one truly effective does yet not exist.

The concept of a meta-organization has already been formulated:   see the book Meta-Organizations by Goran Ahrne, for more information.  One type of meta-organization would be a meta-cause, an organization created for one specific purpose, helping the more specific NGOs get started, run well, and survive.

Rather than simply starting some organization with this purpose, I am devoted to the ultimate meta-cause, which is the application of the best possible social technology for the benefit of all the various beneficent non-governmental organizations around the world.  I argue than our current methods for starting, funding and running organizations are as primitive as medicine before the germ theory of disease and the need for sterile fields was known.  I know of many tools and techniques for going beyond our present primitive social technology, but their development is beyond the scope of one man.  Thus I invite the participation of others.

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